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CEHTRA - Consultancy for Environmental & Human Toxicology and Risk AssessmentSafety Assessment of Cosmetic Ingredients and Products by CEHTRA
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Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Ingredients and Products by CEHTRA Let CEHTRA help you meet the new challenges facing your cosmetic products and ingredients.

The new European cosmetic regulation is highly demanding

Since 1976 cosmetic products have been regulated under Directive 76/768/ EC. July 2013 has been a milestone in the history of cosmetics with the full implementation of the new (EC) Regulation no. 1223/2009 marking a paradigm in the way that cosmetics are regulated in Europe and harmonising Member State regulations.

Cosmetic product safety assessment has been reinforced with a more demanding safety report format prepared by a suitably qualified safety assessor. The cosmetic dossier has to demonstrate ingredient safety, justify the presence of impurities and show the overall cosmetic product safety. It has also to be updated regularly.

CEHTRA’s strengths

In the cosmetic area, CEHTRA has honed an efficient team of fully qualified safety assessors. To fulfill the numerous needs, requirements and constraints, our consultants are ready and willing to help you with your product safety needs.

CEHTRA can help cosmetic product producers, and any other stakeholders in the cosmetics industry by:

  • Writing Cosmetic Safety Reports in accordance with Regulation (EC) no. 1223/2009 (Part A and/or B)
  • Securing raw material portfolios in accordance with Regulation (EC) no. 1223/2009 new requirements
  • Performing product electronic notifications
  • Assessing interactions with Primary Packaging
  • Providing Expert advice
  • Or any other needs (upon request)

CEHTRA’s experience

CEHTRA has been commissioned by numerous multi-nationals in the cosmetics industry to assist them with cosmetic regulation compliance. These projects total over 3000 dossiers. Since the new regulation entered into force, CEHTRA’s experts have completed numerous assessments and have gained an in-depth knowledge of dossier compilation and its implications. CEHTRA’s clients benefit from an experienced regulatory support team, which allows them to cut costs and give the best value for money to help industry comply with the new regulation.

Concerning the environmental issues related to the substances used in the cosmetic products, the Regulation no. 1223/2009 refers to the REACH regulation. CEHTRA already has considerable experience with REACH, for they have provided technical and regulatory support on well over 200 dossiers and have been helping cosmetic ingredients manufacturers for over four years (see our page on REACH registration).
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