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Take a look at our posters on the 27th SETAC Europe in Bruxelles from 7 to 11 May 2017

Take a look at our posters on the 27th SETAC Europe in Bruxelles from 7 to 11 May 2017

“Environmental quality through transdisciplinary collaboration” is the focus of this year SETAC Europe meeting – in which ecotoxicology, toxicology, environmental and human exposure, risk assessment and management, environmental policy and economics, and life cycle assessment topics will be presented.

In partnership with KREATiS, 5 CEHTRA ecotoxicologists will participate this year: Dr Philippe Adrian, Dr Paul Thomas, Dr Cyril Durou, Sacha Laruelle and Marie-Claire Lot – as well as 2 QSAR experts: Pascal Bicherel and Franklin Bauer. We’re presenting posters, don’t miss the opportunity to hear more about:

  • Natural plant extract substances, such as Essential oils (EO) with respect to PBT candidates
  • Determination of PNEC values for risk assessment of natural complex mixtures
  • Environmental risk assessment methodology for PHMB
  • Ecotoxicity of natural complex mixtures
  • WAF results for aquatic toxicity
  • Prediction of phenols ecotoxicity
  • Aldehydes, epoxides, carboxylic acids – and aquatic organisms
  • Can in silico approaches increase confidence in environmental risk assessment methodology? Some case studies (presentation)

Come and meet us on booth No. 17-19.

If you want to settle an appointment, send us an email: contact@cehtra.com.

SETAC Europe Brussels is a 5-day event featuring a variety of training, networking and learning opportunities. You cannot miss this event if you are interested in emerging research, regulatory developments and the latest methodologies in environmental toxicology and chemistry. Between 2,000 and 2,500 scientists, assessors, regulators and managers from academia, business and government, representing an average of 60 countries, provides a unique networking opportunity and a chance for cross-collaboration long after the closing session.


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