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Peter Jenkinson, awarded the Fellowship of UKEMS

Peter Jenkinson, awarded the Fellowship of UKEMS

CEHTRA is pleased to inform you that our Managing Director, Peter Jenkinson, was awarded the Fellowship of UKEMS.

Mike Fellows, UKEMS President stated "This is in recognition of the exceptional work you have done to not only support UKEMS but also mutagen research in general.  Including your time served as UKEMS secretary and your efforts to promote UK research worldwide.”

We feel this is also the recognition of demanding scientific expertise, combined with highest professional standards, and a very human approach to General Management inspiring the whole CEHTRA teams.

The UKEMS, as the UK branch of the European Envronmental Mutagen Society (EEMS), exists to serve those scientists working in the UK in the area of DNA damage and mutations caused by environmental agents (i.e. chemicals and radiation). It encompasses academic research into the mechanisms and consequences of mutagenesis, and applications of this knowledge to the testing of novel pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural chemicals for genotoxic effects. The specialist areas of molecular epidemiology (looking specifically at the implications of DNA damage and mutation for human health) and industrial genotoxicology have their own sections within the Society. A topic of growing interest is the impact of genotoxic agents on organisms other than man - a field known as ecogenotoxicology.

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