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Introductory course to ConsExpo Web November 15, 2017

Introductory course to ConsExpo Web  November 15, 2017

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) organize an introductory course to ConsExpo Web, November 15th, 2017.

This one-day course will provide an introduction to ConsExpo Web. ConsExpo is a computer program that enables and facilitates the estimation and assessment of exposure to substances from consumer products such as paint, cleaning agents and cosmetics.

Moreover, exposure estimations made with the new version of ConsExpo Web can now be imported into CHESAR through a specific export file. CHESAR is the CHEmical Safety Assessment and Reporting tool of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). The development of this export functionality was financed by ECHA. A team of experts, headed by Dr Carole Charmeau*, from CEHTRA was selected by ECHA in 2015 for a project (ECHA/2015/213) to prepare a mapping of ConsExpo inputs and outputs to be transcribed into the CHESAR tool. The final objective of this project was to support the consistent and efficient use of the ConsExpo tool in Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) under REACH.

During this project CEHTRA identified all inputs in ConsExpo and analysed them. Finally, the goal was that ConsExpo Web would generate the specific export file that could be imported into CHESAR. These export files should contain all relevant information harmonising the assessment across registrants.

You can contact RIVM directly enrol in their course on ConsExpo Web. But feel free to contact CEHTRA directly for any question concerning REACH.

*Other members of the team were Aurélie Sevestre, Charles Alarcon and Mélissa Péréa

Click on the PDF icon to see RIVM’s official announcement:  


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