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CEHTRA - Consultancy for Environmental & Human Toxicology and Risk Assessment
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Plant Protection Products

CEHTRA provides support for successful registration and preparation of PPP dossiers.
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CEHTRA can help you with any aspect of biocides whether under the Directive or in regard [...]
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Let CEHTRA help you meet the new challenges facing your cosmetic products and ingredients.
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Food / Feed

CEHTRA offers an effective and experienced support in managing the complex and constantly [...]
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OSPAR - Regulatory Marine Services

If you manufacture or use chemicals for the Energy Industry or if your activity might [...]
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Pharmaceuticals / Environment

Benefit from CEHTRA’s rich experience to successfully manage and complete your dossier [...]
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Pharmaceuticals / Human Health

CEHTRA can assist you in the profiling of the safety of early candidates, the monitoring [...]
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Global Chemical Registration

CEHTRA can help you register new chemical substances simultaneously under the various [...]
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Medical Devices

For your Medical Devices: a strong and complete Biological Evaluation
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CEHTRA worked on over 3% of submitted substances in the first Phase of REACH [...]
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