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CEHTRA - Consultancy for Environmental & Human Toxicology and Risk AssessmentCEHTRA's Regulatory Watch to follow Regulatory changes
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Regulatory Watchdog

CEHTRA's Regulatory Watch to follow Regulatory changes Dealing with the rapidly changing regulatory environment is our job. You can save time for your business.

Keeping abreast of regulatory changes is a challenge

  • Following developments in legislation requires your undivided attention and often you need to anticipate new deadlines, a time-consuming activity.
  • No activity sector is regulated by a single text so an overview of the legislative chemical environment is needed.
  • Most available tools currently provide data from legislative sources only, such as Official Journals, but not from technical documents.
  • But you need a rapid and effective way to find out how new rules will impact your business, and plan the actions required.

CEHTRA’s Watchdog service follows the regulations for you

Get the basics at reasonable cost:

  • CEHTRA gathers relevant news published on most chemical related areas for you, such as REACH, CLP classification, pesticides, biocides, cosmetics, alternative methods, endocrine disrupters, nanomaterials.
  • You pay only for the areas you choose.
  • Beside official texts, this includes all related published guidance, assessments, reports, press releases, published minutes of meetings, updates of tools, etc., from dedicated authorities or trade associations.
  • In this standard service, cost is shared with other clients, thereby saving you money.
  • Once a month you receive an alert containing a compilation of the latest news with links to the original documents.
  • No communication of confidential data is required for this service.
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Tailor-made service - all of the services in the standard offer, plus:

  • We can define together your customised needs based on your portfolio and your requirements.
  • We can add any specific application domain (detergents, ecolabel, Seveso, VOC, paints, fertilizers, POP, WEEE, air fresheners, transport, etc.).
  • An initial status check includes a compliance calendar for regulatory deadlines and requirements at a glance.
  • When relevant, in the monthly bulletin, a targeted summary of documents is provided, highlighting their impact on your business.
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CEHTRA’s experience

CEHTRA consultants have a good knowledge of information sources, and daily deal with regulatory requirements. The regulatory watch we propose is derived from our internal work: clear, complete, easy to use - put simply, designed for efficiency.

CEHTRA’s regulatory watchdog service is not an automated tool with key words. It is followed by a team of scientific specialists, currently working in each field.

So it is likely that if you call for a specific question, your contact already knows you and your products - this is how we help our customers efficiently.

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