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SDS and e-SDS

CEHTRA's user friendly e-SDS for clear safety information Clear, understandable extended SDS: the tool every company within the chemical industry is striving for.
CEHTRA’s consultants use their experience of on-site industrial hygiene and Exposure Scenarios dossiers to provide user friendly documents.

Producing Safety Data Sheets that do what they’re meant to is a challenge

  • SDS and e-SDS aim at communicating appropriate safety information on substances and mixtures from manufacture to use. It is therefore critical that these documents fit users’ need and are clearly understandable by the audience they are intended for.
  • On December 1st, 2010, the rules changed for compilation and substance classification.
  • Now that REACH Phase 1 and 2 dossiers have been submitted, Exposure Scenarios have to be adapted, updated or even created and included in appendix, which represents a huge amount of work, requiring time and well trained resources. 

Extended Safety Data Sheets

CEHTRA’s answers

Manufacturers, importers and formulators can use CEHTRA’s services to create a user friendly e-SDS customised to your own clients and needs.

As a downstream user you can take advantage of CEHTRA’s know-how:

  • To make sure the implications of the e-SDS used in your organisation is understood;
  • To decrease your Risk management or Occupational condition constrains using data scaling;
  • To have your EHS team benefit from training on e-SDS use.

CEHTRA’s experience

Working on numerous registration dossiers, including CSR production, CEHTRA’s experts naturally also prepared dozens of e-SDS. Moreover, CEHTRA’s EHS team is closely following developments on the subject and is working on a tool based on Euphrac and ESCOM guidelines.

Is local exhaust ventilation mandatory for the mixing process in my plant? Do I have to use personal protective equipment for manual loading operations? Must the cleaning equipment process be done in less than 4 hours? 0160...? These are the kind of e-SDS related questions with which industry is confronted daily and for which CEHTRA can provide precise answers and solutions.
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